Dream Come True

Being passionate about films and film making I always admired great personalities, I guess that is what influenced me to become an amatuer actor and I always wanted to be a technician with in my chosen small spectrum called cinema, so how it started?.

It is definitely an accident, Once I had uploaded one of my audition video in YouTube; it was just a random flick. Soon after I uploaded I didn’t expected anything out of it, in one of the designer’s meetup I met a person called ‘Ukesh’, he was the key person who recommended to cast in their upcoming untitled shortfilm, Ukesh was a Cinematographer.

One fine day I was called for a screening, just to test whether I will be fitting in to the character or not; the team was partially convinced. I was selected to do one of the lead role in the movie.

Surprisingly the name of Director was also ‘Aditya’, there were few other interesting people with the similar passion towards film making; ‘Vijay’ was the Creative Producer for our movie & ‘Gowtham’ was selected to do another lead role in the same movie. We as team had a good rapport and wavelength, I believe that’s what drived us so far.

Soon after we decided to go for the actual shoot, we had different external pressure and obstacles; literally we had a tough time while making this movie.

We as a team faced lot of criticism and several other embarrasing moment, but we were quite and convincing ourselves by saying that everything will be all right; lets maintain some patience.

Biggest challenge for our team was to cast a female lead for the movie, we were literally waiting for the right person and it just happened but delayed; we casted a girl called ‘Varshini’ who was a collegue of ‘Aditya’ the director of the movie, her working style was fabulous and smart.

We were wondering whether we will be releasing the movie or not but everything fell in place, we got an excellent Music Director called Raghav Avinash and a fabulous Editor Madan, without these technical people nothing would have come out as a complete product, I hope even the team would agree this.

Finally we released the movie on 5th of October 2013 at AVM Preview Theatre, Chennai; For the first time we are watching ourselves in a bigger silver screen, literally we had no words to express our enthusiasm, we would like to thank our media partner Behindhoods for covering up the whole event

So here is the full movie, please do watch and share among your friends

Written & Directed by : Aditya MS
Starring: Aditya Dhotre, Gowtham Began & ,Varshini Muralidharan
DOP: Ukesh Kumar
Editor: Madhan
Music & Lyrics: Raghav Avinash
Story & Screenplay: Aditya MS
Creative Producer: Vijay Srivatsan
Designs & VFX: Aditya Dhotre
Production House / Studio:Photo Play & Concepto Pictures
Post Production: Master Media Works & Abinaya Creations
Our Team: Sushil Siddarth, Vinoth Rethnam, Ganapathee, Ramkumar.
English Subtitles: Vijay Srivatsan

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Aditya Dhotre is a self taught designer, he had worked with a number of clients, both independently and through corporates. Sometimes, he was fortunate to teach and give lectures. He is fuelled by true passion, with an excellent eye for detail & craftsmanship. He is a creator of madproject.in, where he encourages creative enthusiasts to convert their hobby into a creative ritual.

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